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Area for Tents

Camping from East

The Toilet

Camping from West

Camping area

Free Camping nearby Ribe

A nice possibility for some vacation days

A part of our garden (about 2000 m2), can be used free for camping by anyone.
Rules for using the area are as follows:

  • Show respect for anyone else using the area
  • Don't break branches of trees and bushes
  • Keep the area clean
  • Enjoy the life and be indulgent

You'll find the camping about 15 km. south of Ribe. There is not mush luxery, but you can get fresh water, some tables/benches are available, fireplace, place for grilling and a campingtoilet. Power can be arranged if you come to the private.

Incide a radius of 15-20 km. you can reach Ribe (oldest town in Denmark) with all its sights, Mandø ebbevej, Hjemsted Oldtidspark (Skærbæk), Rømø where you'll fin a beautiful beach, ferry to the german ireland Sylt, Amusement Park ect.

If you goes a little further, about 50 km. you'll be able to reach the German border, Esbjerg, Sommerland Syd, The Viking Chronicles in Jels and much more.

At our place you will find your self in beautiful surroundings with a lot of sky. Also you are welcome to take a walk arround at our garden (you can see the paths at the photo on your left), among others you'll find a little lake with a lot of goldfish ..

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Route directions
Our Address:
Hølleskovvej 48
6760, Ribe

Visit Ribe
The site about Ribe by Visit Denmark. Here you'll find most info about Ribe.

The little ireland Mandø, a very special jewel and defently a visit worthy.

Visit Rømø
Here you'll find a little about the holiday-ireland Rømø where you'll find one of Danmarks best beaches. You are allowed to drive all the way to the beach. Also the ferry to the German ireland Sylt is to be found here.
Rømø is defently a visit worthy.

Ribe Vikingecenter
Discover the daily life of a Viking. The center is working as an living museum, where people lives and work all summer.

Ribe Art Gallery
The museum has been total reconditioned in 2012. Here you'll find a collection from 17 century and foreward. A nice place to spend an hour a rainy day.